The summer season is synonymous with spending time outdoors, and what better way to enjoy the sun than on a beautiful wooden patio! Yet, protecting this essential structure often presents a dilemma: stain or oil? At Livos, we are convinced that to preserve the beauty and durability of your wood, the choice is clear: oil. Here's why.

The Fundamental Difference

When it comes to choosing how to protect their outdoor wood, many people are instinctively drawn to stain or varnish, enticed by a wide range of colors that seem to offer limitless customization. However, this decision is often made without fully considering the impact that a product loaded with chemical compounds can have on the wood's surface. While popular for their variety of colors, stains act primarily by covering the surface, thus providing a protective barrier that is, in reality, ephemeral. They not only mask the natural beauty of the wood but also offer superficial protection that rapidly diminishes over time and with exposure to the elements.

In contrast, oil represents a more respectful and effective approach. By penetrating deeply into the wood fibers, it does not merely nourish the material from within but also establishes a durable protection against external aggressions. This process is not limited to a superficial defense; it revitalizes the wood, enhancing its resistance and extending its life, all while preserving and enhancing its natural appearance. The option to oil rather than stain becomes thus an informed choice, favoring the health and longevity of the wood beyond mere appearance.

Why Choose Oil for Your Outdoor Wood?

1. Deep and Durable Protection

Unlike stain, oils like Alis 579 and Donnos from Livos penetrate to the heart of the wood, offering robust protection against the elements. This means increased resistance to moisture, drying, and cracking, thereby extending the life of your patio or deck.

2. Easy Maintenance without Sanding

Oiled surfaces are easier to maintain. Instead of having to sand and apply new layers frequently, minimal maintenance with oil can refresh the appearance of your wood without significant effort.

3. Natural Beauty

Oil preserves and enhances the texture and natural color of the wood, unlike stain, which can mask its unique features. Whether you have a treated wood deck or a cedar one, oil reveals the intrinsic beauty of the material.

4. Eco-friendly

Livos oils are formulated from natural ingredients, underscoring our commitment to environmental protection. By choosing Alis 579, Donnos, or Alis 567 for teak wood, you opt for a planet-friendly solution.

Livos: Your Ally for a Sustainable Outdoor Space

By choosing to oil rather than stain, you make a conscious choice for the longevity and beauty of your outdoor space. Our flagship products, Alis 579 and Donnos, are specially designed to meet the needs of your outdoor woods, ensuring superior protection and aesthetics.

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