About us



LIVOS made its debut in Quebec in 2004 thanks to cabinetmaker Ghislain Lebel from Mauricie. After being exposed to the noxious fumes and strong odors of his products, Mr. Lebel decided that he wanted to work in an environment free from carcinogenic substances. He discovered the natural and toxin-free LIVOS products and introduced them to the Quebec market.


LIVOS utilizes plant chemistry to create ecological, high-quality products that pose no threat to health. LIVOS products are synthetic-free, and their volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are non-toxic. LIVOS uses nearly 150 renewable materials in their formulations, all of which are continuously tested for quality and toxicity control.


Here are the main ingredients in our products:

Linseed oil

- Lemon oil

- Beeswax

- Turpentine

- Orange oil

- Rosemary oil


For a complete list of ingredients, refer to the labels on our products.

At LIVOS, we believe in transparency and accountability for our values of health, safety, and environmental protection. This is why we stand by public disclosure and provide the complete composition of all our products.

All LIVOS products undergo extensive quality testing to ensure optimal technical quality. LIVOS utilizes natural plant substances to design both effective and safe oils to protect, maintain, and enhance the beauty and features of wood. LIVOS wood oil is composed of linseed oil, dammar, and a highly pure isoaliphate solvent, which is a harmless and non-toxic product used in the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. It is biodegradable, integrated into the ecosystem, and non-toxic upon and after application. This means you do not need to wear a mask or leave your home during application. It is also safe for pregnant women, children, and animals.